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  • My Favorite Walgreens

    Posted on February 8th, 2009 Toby Weiss 13 comments
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    My favorite Walgreens no longer exists, and this is a highly ironic story.


    In South St. Louis City, we’re used to them tearing down bowling alleys so they can build a Walgreens. But in this case, in 2003, they tore down a Walgreens to build another Walgreens! It’s all true.


    This mid-century fabulous Walgreens was on Watson, just a scootch east of the intersection of Rock Hill/Elm. This one stayed open while they built a brand new one right at the intersection proper. Once it opened, they tore this one down, and now a short strip mall with a Blockbuster Video stands in its place.


    To this day, I still see a phantom image of it as I pass by. It’s roof reminded me of the Flying Nun’s head gear as she was airborn.  And it’s still a weird feeling to miss a Walgreens… know what I mean?

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    Pass It Around

    13 Responses to “My Favorite Walgreens”

    1. Sniff, I miss this one too. Wasn’t this originally a Katz Drugstore? I don’t recall any original Walgreens with interesting architecture. New blog looks great, BTW.

    2. I remember going any number of times.

      By the way, I have this new site set up in my RSS reader, but the on-site URLs it sends me to are wrong (e.g., for this page, it sent me to instead of Just a heads up!

    3. It was originally a Katz drugstore, then a Skaggs drugstore. Now it’s some stripmall bullshit.

    4. I’m so glad you posted this. Just the other day I was trying to remember where and what this building was. I remember driving by it before I lived near to its former location and just couldn’t remember exactly how it appeared. Mystery solved!

    5. Are you familiar with the CVS in Springfield, MO located at 1735 S. Glenstone Ave. 65804? It has a similar look. It used to be a Skaggs Drugstore. I tried to post the link to a picture of it on google maps below.,0,15513162370053881266&ei=UX6cSZQwguo0jpLMlgU&sa=X&oi=local_result&resnum=1&ct=image

    6. Oh, how sad. Do you know if anyone tried to persuade them to rehab the original and did the community have time to do something about that?

    7. Sigh, you know you’re getting old when they start tearing down your memories.

    8. I think that was one of the last Walgreens to sell booze. I remember them having alcohol in 2002.

    9. Studies have shown that sales increase by .000001% if the Walgreens is located right at the intersection and is a newly constructed building, so I feel that the destruction of the already existing structure and further homogenization of this particular landscape is completely justified.

    10. The excuse given at the time was that the old building would not easily accomodate a drive-thru for prescription drug pick-ups.

      Still, though, as someone who was asked once to give an estimate of how many paper clips he used in a budget year, that .000001% sales increase potential is compelling.

    11. My mom used to go there (and drag me along) when it was a Katz, then a Skaggs and then a Walgreens. If it was around lunchtime, she’d take me to the Steak N Shake across Elm or to the Burger Chef across Watson. I loved to get the Happy Meal (Burger Chef had the Happy meal before McD) because the burger, fries, drink and prize had their own little compartment to sit in.

    12. I am not old enough to remember the Katz, but I remember loving that place when it was a Skaggs. The massive cornice provided needed shade on brutal summer days, as well as protection from the rain. I’ve not lived near this place for many years, but I don’t even recognize it now. The St -n- Sh has been ruined across the street as well. Too bad.

    13. One look and I said, “That’s Katz!” I used to go there and read Mad Magazines after school let out from Washington Park. It was right next to the A&P.

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