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  • Barbie’s Malibu Dream House

    Posted on March 12th, 2009 Toby Weiss 4 comments
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    In honor of Barbie’s 50th birthday, they created a real-life Barbie Dream House on the Malibu beach.  Click here to see a photo gallery of this fantabulous place.

    I’m getting all 3rd grade on ya, and sayin’ I love every single thing about this house. Everything! I would not change a pillow or wall hanging.  I thought Elle Wood’s apartment in Legally Blonde 2 was the ultimate, but nope! It’s gotta be Barbie’s Malibu Dream House.


    You gotta check out the shoe closet, and don’t be drinkin’ or there’s gonna be a spit take.  For reals. Seriously, this is the ultimate pad for the girl on the go. No, seriously. It is!

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    Pass It Around

    4 Responses to “Barbie’s Malibu Dream House”

    1. Love it! It has a happy, medicated, wonderful feel to it!

    2. Oh. My. God!

      LOVE it!!!!

    3. I heard about this on NPR but couldn’t find any pixs, thanks 4 da link!

    4. arcmsys- Thank you, srwexyx. Great site.

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