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  • North County MCM: Halls Ferry Road

    Posted on March 11th, 2009 Toby Weiss 3 comments
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    Head north on Halls Ferry Road, and on the western side of the unincorporated portion between Jennings and Dellwood, Missouri you will find a large stash of choice mid-century modern homes tucked into the rolling hills.   But stay on Halls Ferry, and pay attention to three homes that straddle Hudson Road, like this one, above.


    Built in 1958, the 1,607 s.f. home sits on nearly an acre of land. It is unabashedly modern with its multi-levels of flat roofs and large expanses of glass to peer down the steep hill in the front yard.  Every time I pass by with a camera, the newest owner is out on his riding mower, and I’m working up the courage to ask him if I can get closer, maybe take some pictures inside.


    Two houses down, the original owners are still on the books for this place.  Built in 1953, it is the definition of sprawling, clocking in at 2,438 s.f.


    The last time I happened by, there was a large dumpster in the driveway, lending the impression of kids clearing out decades of living, though no for sale sign has yet popped up.  Recent real estate transactions show that homes in this very immediate area go for insanely cheap rates of $90 – $115,000.


    Right next door is a light blue ranch with a full butterfly roof.  It went up in 1955 with 1,924 s.f. of space, and again, it appears the original owners may still be in residence.


    All of the homes along this stretch have gigantic yards, so many mature trees that I’d worry in a wind storm, and exteriors that show little remuddling damage.  While growing up in this part of town, we considered these to be the homes of “rich people.”  I’m thinking it was a psychological reaction to the houses sitting so far up from the street atop steep hills. But even today, they are rather luxurious examples of suburban mid-century modern architecture.


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    3 Responses to “North County MCM: Halls Ferry Road”

    1. richard stupidhead

      on the night of the last Mary Tyler Moore broadcast some friends of my parents had a BBQ at one of these houses and as an 8 YO the front lawn was perfect for rolling on a warm night. I think either house 1 or 4. (far too long ago)

    2. Once again, a reminder of what that neighborhood (north side of Dellwood/adjacent area of Jennings) once was. I had friends in that immediate area, and across Halls Ferry in that 1950’s era subdivision. So sad that mostly it’s not even a shadow of its former self. Great to see that small section of a beautiful middle-class area still exists in its former glory…

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