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  • A Fresh Coat of Paint

    Posted on April 5th, 2009 Toby Weiss 5 comments
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    Intersection of Washington Blvd. & Jefferson Avenue
    North St. Louis City, shop MO

    The buildings on both corners of the west side of this intersection have got a new coat of paint, and the effect is absolutely stunning.  It looks like colored eggs in an Easter basket.


    When we get a new hairdo or whiten the teeth, it spiffs us up without changing the basic essence of who we are.  Same goes for buildings.  A little patching, a little paint and some prideful TLC goes a long way towards boosting civic self esteem.  Thank you to these building owners for their fabulous efforts.

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    5 Responses to “A Fresh Coat of Paint”

    1. now, imagine if there weren’t so many open holes surrounding these easter eggs…

    2. With most of the rest of the St. Louis Magazine editorial staff, I toured the near North Side (and other places) Friday, and the number of dilapidated but obviously once-glorious structures just boggled my mind. So damned much lovely masonry. Of course, none of the properties looked to be Class A real estate, so who could possibly want them?

    3. A little bit of Miami in St. Lou!

    4. The yellow building is actually a facade of glazed terra cotta. Knocked me OUT when I first realized it. Tho’…I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, painting brick is just not a good idea. Brick and mortar are a system, which system is compromised when brick is covered in paint. However, having said that, I am aware that these three structures on the corner were painted before the current rehabbing efforts were initiated.

    5. I always find it really interesting when colors like this are used. This reminds me a lot of Rainbow Row in Charleston ( which is really striking in comparison with the rest of classical Charleston architecture. The colors, although not at all modern, add life and energy to the neighborhood!

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