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  • This Was The Future

    Posted on April 18th, 2009 Toby Weiss 7 comments
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    Towards the effort to save the San Luis, a documentary was made in 48 hours over the first weekend in March 2009. I was honored to be asked to be a part of this adventure, and a big round of applause to everyone involved. You’re all brilliant.

    There are plans for a proper screening in May during Preservation Week (details forthcoming), but you can watch it now.  It’s less than 8 minutes long, so watch it a couple of times, and pass it around.  It’s an easy way to raise the profile of a building longing to be spiffed up and returned to its glamorous life.

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    Pass It Around

    7 Responses to “This Was The Future”

    1. Wow. That was seriously wonderful! Great job, guys!

    2. Thanks for posting this. I work in CWE and this building is one of my favorites. Thanks for the post and link to Save the San Luis.

    3. advocacy can also apply to buildings shaped like the other 25 letters of the alphabet as well.

    4. Thanks for the posting. My grandmother lived in the San Luis in the 70’s, her apartment overlooked the Basilica. I remember it as a fantastic building.

    5. Great video! This past summer, I did some serious scouting of the building for a possible shot, and although it didn’t connect with me with that result, I came away admiring its form, its style, its siting . . so many things that you’ve captured. Again . . .you’ve done a great job bringing to our attention another St. Louis treasure.

    6. […] There has been a movement to Save the San Luis […]

    7. I have always admired the DeVille since it opened in 1963. I admired the way the original gold and blue curtains in all of its windows set off the buildings architecture. It is sad that its demise is being planned for a parking lot. If the high school down the street needs 180 parking spaces how come they are not using the ones in the San Luis now?

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