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  • Holiday Gift Suggestion

    Posted on November 27th, 2009 Toby Weiss 3 comments
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    In recognition of Black Friday and the holiday shopping season, may we suggest Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water done up Lego-style? Because it’s plastic, you could suspend the finished product over running water and not face the water management issues the real-life version has.

    The Guggenheim is also available, at a much cheaper price.   Lego also offers up the Empire State Building, the Space Needle and other architectural gems.  Very cool gift idea for building-minded folks of all ages.

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    Pass It Around

    3 Responses to “Holiday Gift Suggestion”

    1. And the box it comes in doubles as a Harris Armstrong house!

    2. this item is very small if not tiny… a few inches by a few inches…with over 800 pieces
      i will pass

    3. There’s a model of the gateway arch at the St Louis Science center made out of lego’s by the person doing that lego series.

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