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  • Bad Mansard in Washington, MO

    Posted on August 21st, 2011 Toby Weiss 6 comments
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    Tooling through a perfectly pleasant mid-century ranch neighborhood in Washington, MO, when a cul-de-sac popped up, anchored by this bad mansard.

    Now, these homeowners have made this house as pleasant as possible, every detail is crisp, clean and well-thought out. But there’s no overlooking that everything is upstaged by that roof.

    Seems some neighbors a few doors down with the exact same model were feeling overwhelmed by that roof, and found a solution:

    Covered In Vinyl worked for Susan Cowsill, but for this house?  Yeah, not so much.

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    Pass It Around

    6 Responses to “Bad Mansard in Washington, MO”

    1. Wow, I have seen many things done wrong to a mansard house but this is definitely the 1st siding job I have seen on one…

    2. I thought vinyl was making a comeback? Judging by the for sale brochures out front I guess not. Driving down south Hampton yesterday I noticed “Regions Bank” and called it out Mansard immediately! The few, the proud, the informed! Thanks, T.

    3. Hey, man. Mansard was all the rage back then. Go up to north county – Mignon Meadows and the adjacent subdivision. They are as thick as fleas on a hound dog.

      Split level, too, man. Cool. Very cool.

    4. Wow….I grew up just up the hill from this place. It’s in a cul de sac, right?

      Crazy. Thanks for posting.

    5. Hi,
      Can you please tell me where this neighborhood in Washington, MO is located. I’m looking for mid-century there!
      Thanks, Jennifer

    6. I don’t remember exactly where these homes were, but I can give you the general area that has homes of that vintage are. There’s a neighborhood directly east of Washington High and Middle Schools, just across Hwy 47. The street names are Zero, Rainbow, Apple, Scenic, Duncan, etc. Wander around in that area, and good luck!

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