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Most mammals go through some form of hibernation during the winter months. It’s part of the biological cycle. We human mammals are the only ones required to proceed at normal levels of activity. Does a bear blog as much in the winter? So, I’ve given into my biological hibernation imperative and slowed it down a notch or three.

With my excuse out of the way, here’s a brief roundup of recent information.

Sunset Hills Teardown Redux
The backyard of the house shown above was covered in a past issue of St. Louis At Home, and in a blog entry I had to temporarily remove. There have been some changes since then.

The most recent listing for the house shows a $120,000+ reduction in the price. And whereas before it was listed as 3 acres, it’s now only the acre of land the actual home sits on. And the re-listing has done away with overt suggestions of teardown. What has become of those other 2 acres is unknown to me. But in essence, there’s a new opportunity for someone to buy this home without worrying what to do about the extra land. And maybe articles like this in the local news will spur someone to save this wholly unique mid-century modern home in a great location.

Two-Way Fandom
I got a great e-mail from Chad Smith who produces an all-encompassing blog, Tropolism. He spent 5 years living and photographing in St. Louis, and is now located in NYC. Be sure to check out what he stands for, if you need further incentive to become a regular reader of his work.

Dorsa Architect Redux
The man who gave me the tour of The Dorsa (interior, above) has launched his own blog. Vanishing STL is a way for Paul Hohmann to share his extensive back catalogue of demolished buildings in the few brief seconds of spare time that he has. While his content conjures sadness over so much quality that our city has lost, I’m grateful he has visual records of what was. It’s both memorial and hope that we can learn from past mistakes.

One thought on “Catching Up with Odds & Ends

  1. I absolutely love that Sunset Hills home! I read your post on it, and then, when I went to show my wife, I couldn’t find it. I’ve been wondering where I saw it for months. It’s too bad you had to remove it, but thank you for letting me know I wasn’t losing my mind. Of course, if you wanted to send me the text and pics, I wouldn’t object. I would love to one day use some of the home’s features in whatever I eventually build, perhaps even re-produce the home, if I have a sloping piece of land.

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