A Magical Winter Wonderland

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Today on my lunch hour, I cut through some parking lots to avoid the traffic at the Kirkwood Rd. & Big Bend intersection, and I saw some cars coming out from a road I’d never noticed before.  It turned out to be the way into the Vianney High School campus, and since it all looked so pretty and peaceful in the snow, I meandered a bit just to see what there was to see.

After admiring the seasonal appropriateness of a snowman gleeful in the falling snow (above), I saw this…


… which then turned into a large yard cram-packed with sculptures!


So many sculptures frozen in the snow, and so surreal that I had to double check that I was in real time, rather than a day dream.

There were no other cars around, no people to be seen;  I was totally alone in what looked like the day care for Laumier Sculpture Park, which is somewhat nearby.  It was just the sound of snow falling on a lawn filled with larger-than-life, fanciful shapes, a magical winter wonderland tucked into the pocket of a bustling town.  Time stood still, and in that moment it was pure joy.


Turns out I’d stumbled upon Marianist Galleries, which is filled outside and in by the works of Brother Melvin Meyer.   Is St. Louis filled with so many artful opportunities that this little place can’t compete for attention?  Or do they purposely keep this place under the radar?  Either way, I found a bouquet of sunshine on a snowy day, and am looking forward to spending another lunch hour inside the gallery.

6 thoughts on “A Magical Winter Wonderland

  1. Cool, there is actually some great ideas on here some of my subscribers may find this relevant, I will send them a link, many thanks.

  2. This is defiantly a hidden gem. I went to Vianney H.S. and was amazed by this place. The inside galley itself is a work of art, a great visual experience! The sculptures are scattered around the school property, very cool.

  3. Great pictures, Toby! I need to check this place out. And the snowscape just added to it.

  4. My brother took me to this place 2 years ago, i assumed it was a well know sculpture park. The vacant house that is adjacent to the school would make a great haunted house, if its still there.

  5. Brother Mel has consistently done cool stuff, and a lot of it. He likes to start a piece and finish it the same day, so over the years he has done a ton of works. My dad designed his gallery when it was built some 35-40 years ago, and my parents have several of his paintings and a sculpture. I used to love the spiral staircase (which now has a railing) when I was a kid.

    The gallery is definitely worth a trip for anyone who has not been there!

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