B.E.L.T. is “Most Amazing”

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I am jazzed to report that this here blog is on the list of 50 Most Amazing Architectural Photography Blogs.

Thank you to Photography Colleges for reading, and acknowledging B.E.L.T. in the “Local” category, putting me in the company of architectural blogs about Berlin, Barcelona & Manchester.

You know what this means, right?  It means that the images and stories of  St. Louis are just as compelling and kick ass as great global cities.
Yeah, I said it: St. Louis Kicks Ass!

Shown Above: Woerner Elementary School on Leona in the Holly Hills neighborhood. It’s just across the street from this mid-century modern church.

5 thoughts on “B.E.L.T. is “Most Amazing”

  1. Congratulations!
    The STL inferiority complex is just SO 20th Century. BELT is in the vanguard of our new attitude!

  2. Congratulations; it is well-deserved, and your work deserves wide viewership.

  3. Well deserved! More like top TEN from this vantage point. Congratulations!

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