Blogger Round Table, May 5, 2010

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I am jazzed about being invited to participate in one of the events during the week long Chautauqua Art Lab 2010. Learn more about all events happening this week.

At 7 PM on  Wednesday, shop drug May 5th at at the Open Lot in Lafayette Square (1310 S. 18th St., cheapest 63104) , 6 St. Louis built environment bloggers are gathering at the request of host Jordan Hicks to discuss “Built Environment | Blog Ecosystem | Media Landscape.”

The participating bloggers are:

Alex Ihnen of urbanSTL

Alderman Antonio French of PubDef

Jami Schoeneweis of 56 Houses Left

Michael Allen of Ecology of Absence

Rick Bonasch of STL Rising

…and me!

Questions being asked of us include: Who is our intended audience and how well do we reach them?  How do our online projects affect our professional positions? What set of ethics do we follow?

This event is free. We hope to see you there.

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