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I had some time to kill while in Fenton, and in the spirit of “lovin’ to hate it,” I cruised through some of the new home developments. Nowadays, with the new home building industry choking, it’s even sadder than usual to drive through these places. Lots of suspended animation, and little signs poking out of dirt mounds proclaiming what would have been.

In the distance I saw the site shown above.
1st Thought: They pretty much have a solitary wilderness view at this point. Too bad there’s no windows on that side of the house.
2nd Thought: I’m totally hallucinating, right?

Profusions of triangles on the front facades of new homes are exactly like acid wash denim. 1988 was the apex of frosted denim frenzy, and 2008 is shaping up as the peak moment of needless peaks.

I swear they’re purposely yanking my chain here, havin’ a laugh at my expense. Going back to the first photo, these peaks are not even articulated. It’s just flat, repetitive triangles because Test Market Central says that’s what sells new homes? As if trying to disguise how cheap and bloodless this is, they attempt a secondary design motif with the two round attic vent covers. As if adding a third one would have been overkill.

I am counting on this economic time-out forcing new home builders to come up with some new cosmetic gimmicks to exploit, because the triangle is now as played out as Electric Youth.

10 thoughts on “Havin’ A Laugh

  1. They would have put that third oval, it just didn’t fit!

  2. stlmark: yeah they’re called Members Only nylon jackets, worn with the sleeves pushed up to the elbow…

  3. That jean jacket is hilarious. I bet there is an equally cheezy male counterpart.

  4. “Also what will these homes look like and what condition will the be in say 30 or 50 years?”

    gone. replaced.

    and for what?

  5. every area has its style of repetitive junk
    here in Florida it has its own style
    however it does seem a bit more mixed than in the st. Louis area
    i will never forget driving around st. Louis and seeing literally hundreds of homes with the fake brick front, siding on the sides, and the wood deck on the back
    Also what will these homes look like and what condition will the be in say 30 or 50 years?

  6. Pure architectural oatmeal! The triple peak roofline looks like it’s about twice the height of the main roofline; it probably looks just as funny from the back as it does the front.

  7. I’d join you in a good laugh but the problem is we have way too many of these houses cluttering up the former countryside around our urbanized areas. If I start laughing it will switch to crying too quickly. This really is sad.

    Well, once fuel prices go up they won’t be able to afford to heat/cool the place if they can afford to drive home from the office.

  8. What’s worse, somebody must actually buy these, complete with subdivision. Or maybe not, are homebuilders ready for a change?

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