Nice Day For It

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South Side, St. Louis, MO
Earlier this evening, I was pedaling through a series of quiet little streets right behind Resurrection Church. I pass through there somewhat regularly because it’s a good short cut for avoiding Meramec Avenue (too much broken glass on that street), but it never caught my camera eye.

But today the light was so perfect, all the brick sparkled like diamonds, and the shortcut became a long distraction. The spell was broken when I overheard a lady, chatting on the phone on her front porch, make comment about a person on a bike “ridin’ in circles, takin’ pictures.” Figured that was my cue to pedal off.

4 thoughts on “Nice Day For It

  1. I’m confused because often when I stare at a building someone will say “why don’t you take a picture, it will last longer?” — what DO they want me to do?

  2. What in the world has happened to our society that everyone and their mother is suspicious of people “takin’ pictures”??

  3. I also love that house. What makes my like turn to love for it is that the garage’s brickwork matches the house.

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