Political Statement

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Shaw’s Garden Neighborhood
South St. Louis, MO
I was driving down one of the streets bordering the Missouri Botanical Garden, when I spotted the signs outside the house above.

Unlike, say, Webster Groves, this neighborhood is not known for its political activism. Sure, all areas of town still have left over, sun-faded signs protesting the Iraq Invasion. But to see this kind of effort in this old-fashioned part of South City, on the lawn of an old-fashioned 4-square Craftsman-esque house was a delightful surprise.

Note that the sign even has holiday lights wrapped around it so it – and the flag – can be seen at night.
Note that they even tacked the same sentiment high up on the light pole on the side of their house, just in case you missed the yard sign. And it’s front and back so you can see it from either direction.
Know that it’s the corner house on a fairly visible street due to Botanical Garden traffic.
Note that it has yet to be defaced or – unlike a Cheney crony – sprayed with buckshot.

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2 thoughts on “Political Statement

  1. My older brother lives in that ‘hood and he reports that someone stole a previous sign and the homeowner then put the other one on the pole after that.

  2. LOVE those signs. My boyfriend keeps threatening to make political signs for our yard, and I told him to at least buy them so we don’t look completely insane. But these signs are an inspiration. I might buy him the paint and tell him to get to work.

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