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Big Bend & Elm, Webster Groves, MO
I ran across an ancient metal can of Porter Paints mineral spirits, and realized they haven’t changed their look ever. In today’s climate of corporate branding and re-branding, that’s quite a rare achievement.
Their stores still retain the distinctive yellow and orange stripes. So bright, so obvious, so steadfast to the old fashioned way of physical advertising.

Hampton & Eichelberger, South St. Louis, MO
The Porter facades are easily adaptable to any type of commercial building, which makes for interesting variations on the theme.
I can’t find any information on them, so I don’t know the answer to these questions:
Are new franchises required to sport the facade? How do they order the facade, and how many styles to choose from? Can I order one to spruce up my garage?

3 thoughts on “Porter Paints

  1. Porter Franchises are not required to have the company logos or stripes. You can order a nice interior border set for your garage. There are 10 sections per set and are 4 feet wide and about 36″ tall. I can get you one if you are interested for about $400.

  2. We buy all of our paint from the Porter on Hampton. We’ve been very happy with the service and selection. I also love the fact that they haven’t changed their logo/design. Steve, you’re right … that strip center on Hampton is a perfect example of how city retail should be. Porter even has a door in the back that you can enter through.

  3. Those are the two Porter Paint stores that I’ve used most often. I generally prefer to buy my paint from them and other paint dealers rather than the big ugly box.

    I really like the building on Hampton – a nice example of an early strip center with parking behind the building. It is well detailed and presents a nice face to the street.

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