The Unexpected

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4700 block of Tennessee
South St. Louis, MO
Pedaling through the blocks east of South Grand, and in the distance, I spot the sight above.
Bigger than life-size modern op art oozes out of a vacant spot, and it appears to belong to a florist/greenhouse in the exact middle of a thoroughly residential block.

The stainless steel lettering on the modern addition to the tiny store is way too similiar to the signature of cartoonist John Held, Jr. to be accidental, right?
And even though there is no listing for this business in the White or Yellow Pages, they appear to be fully operational and open for public business.
I’m positive that when that sculpture first went up, the neighborhood squawked like angry hens. But after the initial surprise of the unexpected, it feels right and looks good.

2 thoughts on “The Unexpected

  1. I love this building – I lived next door to it for about 9 years. The Held family started here in 1904 and left around 1996/7. This property has had greenhouses since at least 1899. Love those letters!

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