B.E.L.T. is an RFT Best Of!!

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A huge, tears-of-joy sobbing thanks to the Riverfront Times for naming B.E.L.T. the Best Local Website.  And another round of gasping gratitude to all the Facebook friends who broke the news to me on my Wall. That gave me a bigger jolt than the espresso I’d yet finished.

This is especially poignant because I’ve been feeling guilty about not having enough time to post, lately. Plus, I’ve been working on my magnum opus – a mid-century modern study of Hampton Avenue – ALL of Hampton Avenue, which turns out to be much longer and much more cram-packed with MCM goodness than previously known.

I’ve got blisters on my feet from surveying it, the librarians now know me by name from all the City Directory research I’ve been doing, and there’s not enough hours in the day to complete it. And I wonder “WHY do I invest so much time in this avocation?” Then B.E.L.T. gets a nod like this, I feel all Sally Fields-Oscar inside and realize that my love for St. Louis is not a wasted effort.

Deeply, truly – thank you.

9 thoughts on “B.E.L.T. is an RFT Best Of!!

  1. well, I don’t know these Johnny-come-lately RFT people are, but we knew it all along.

    it seems to mean something, so congratulations!

  2. Toby, your perspectives are always fascinating. There are a few sites/blogs that I never get sick of reading. Yours is one of them. Congrats and thank YOU!

  3. I was just on your site yesterday perusing and enjoying. Congrats! Looking forward to the documentary “Brick By Chance By Fortune.” Thanks for keeping it SIMPLE!!!

  4. Congratulations! I was first attracted to your site due to your coverage of the demise of Northland Center, and your obvious love of a place that I felt equally attached to. Your dedication to the great architectural qualities that need to be preserved for future St. Louisans is so commendable! Best wishes for future success…

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