Blue Renewal

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South Kingshighway @ Murdoch
South St. Louis, MO
Tom, of Pretty War STL, got an ultimate shot of this place back in July. And I agree with his assesment that it was once a gas station, based on left over concrete fixtures on the lot, and what looks like an enamel porcelain facade that’s been painted over a gazillion times.

As of late fall, someone is redeveloping the building. Sheets of foam insulation in preparation for a new facade, fresh plywood in the windows, and a small handful of trucks in the parking lot are all sure signs of renewal.

I hung out in the artic freeze for quite a bit, hoping a member of the crew would poke their head out so I could pepper them with questions. I’m fearless about pumping folks for information, but only if they appear before me. I will not (usually) go out of the way to bother someone, especially if they’re working. But I am burning with curiosity…

Until the story reveals itself, I leave you with a miniature art exhibit entitled: Blue Renewal Abstracts.

5 thoughts on “Blue Renewal

  1. Well, I was about to email you and mention that I saw people working on the building, but I thought that you might have already noticed. Yeah. Silly me. I’ll try to catch-up.

    Montie B. Love

  2. I still need to take a photo of that building you mentioned off Chouteau. I’ve been around it several times, but I’ve been breaking B.E.L.T. rule # 1 too often.

  3. Nooooooo!

    Would it be so hard to stip the paint from the enamelled panels? After all, enamelled surfaces really don’t allow for good adherence, and frequently prove impossible to paint. Restoration would be a snap.

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