Charles & Ray Eames

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The May issue of Vanity Fair made a huge blunder. I read it once, twice, thrice, and even as I highlighted the mistake in pink (above, click to enlarge), I still don’t comprehend.

The BROTHERS Ray & Charles Eames?
Come on, this is Vanity Fair, the first and last word on mass-market high culture and high celebrities.

Even po-dunk cow town St. Louis knew that when they placed Charles on the STL Walk Of Fame that Ray was his wife.

Even for the design unaware, a quick Google of their names gives you facts and photos that clarify their gender and marital status.

Even if the press release from the museum hosting the exhibit didn’t specify gender, doesn’t VF have fact checkers on the payroll?

A mistake like this in, say, US Weekly would be understandable. But Vanity Fair?

3 thoughts on “Charles & Ray Eames

  1. I agree. I was floored when I read this. I admit I almost felt sick. What a pathetic, sloppy error. What next – Miss Van Der Rohe?

  2. Sloppy mistake! But it’s a really cool chair …

    The editor of Vanity Fair was just on Bill Mahr’s HBO show decrying the fact that Paris Hilton is a celebrity and that she’s really done nothing to earn this sort of attention. He conveniently forgot that he was the one who put her on a previous cover and had assigned a feature story on her and her sister WELL before she was a household name. Such arrogance.

    Yes, journalism is in a sorry state.

  3. What an incredibly silly mistake. If a writer can’t even use Google to check facts, let alone do deeper research, how does that person get published in a major magazine?

    Oh, I forgot. Journalism is dying.

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