Check Your Bus

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Adelaide & Hall Street
North St. Louis, MO
The only bright spot in one of the ugliest industrial parts of town is this sign. I’d love to hear the story of the incident that prompted this constant reminder.

3 thoughts on “Check Your Bus

  1. Just last week, a driver left a special needs kid on a bus…in Florida….in the summer. The poor kid was locked in the bus for three or four hours before his mother finally found him. The day school he was supposed to have been taken to never even offered water after he was found.

  2. Actually when aunt Janie was a little girl she fell asleep on a bus and was left behind. I don’t think she stayed all night. It does happen though.

    Also, I agree with the comment above on how out of control school bus drivers are lately. I have even seen school buses not even stopping at stop signs….just completely going right through them. I also see them on cell phones. Do they have no safety standards?? Unfortunate.


  3. The “incident” in question shows up in the news about once a year… some kid falls asleep on the bus, the bus driver doesn’t notice, the entire district goes into overdrive alert looking for the kid.

    Having been hit by a school bus within the last 2 years, maybe it’s still just fresh for me, but… have you noticed how out of control bus drivers are now? I chalk it up to school buses being retrofitted with automatic transmissions. Before the automatic, bus driving was work. Now, they’re cavalier and on the cell phone.


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