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The Highlands @ Forest Park
Oakland Avenue, clinic St. Louis, cost MO
There are 2 things I think of every time I drive by this building.

#1: Shortly after it opened for business, treatment the east-facing elevation was quickly dotted with window shades. Much like ants under a magnifying glass, when that brilliant morning sun comes through all that glass, the inhabitants fry.

#2: All those window shades going up and down make that elevation look like a crossword puzzle.
Thoughts on the development standing on the ruins of The Arena

5 thoughts on “Crosswords

  1. Bravo!

    When I see it, first I think about the Arena and how lame it is that 1) this is the crap that replaced it and 2) they did a historic site-related name, but went with something that doesn’t remind folks of what was torn down for this.

    Then, I think of how one of my dad’s profoundly creepy stepfathers at one point worked at the Highlands after it burned, cutting the amusement park’s remains apart with a torch. The torch exploded and singed off his eyebrows. That icky memory is about what this kind of development deserves.

  2. You’re gonna hate me for this, but before I looked closely at it I thought the building pictured was part of Northland. Is it all that different, really?

  3. Funny post! You can almost fit another line below for a total phrase, “So Lame It Hurts.”

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