Dental Holiday: Happy Easter

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Happiest of Easters to you, from me and Raymond J. Skosky Family Dentistry.


It’s a very confusing religious holiday.  Eddie Izzard explained it best. View his clip to understand the comedic poignancy of the following anecdote.


Made the traditional trip to Crown Candy to get molasses puffs for my Mother.  The place was sardine packed, so I had plenty of time to stare down every piece of chocolate.  One of them made me burst into laughter…. a chocolate rabbit hauling a wagon of eggs!!

Viewed from a pagan perspective, just absurd!  Viewed from a Christian angle… yeah, still pretty absurd.  But still just as tasty, don’t ya know.

May your sugar highs be plentiful on Easter Sunday!

1 thought on “Dental Holiday: Happy Easter

  1. this just made me absurdly happy. Why can’t everybody set aside all the dogma and just enjoy … well, the sweetness, of spring and ritual and rebirth and celebration and rabbits hauling eggs.

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