If it Plays in Peoria: New Jack in the Box Logo

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Jack in the Box has a new logo, which is both retro and modern at the same time. I noticed this new sign about a month ago in Alton.

The new look is on the corporate website, and has made it onto all their food wrappers and containers, but I’ve yet to see Metro St. Louis make the final commitment: change the building signage.

So far, I’ve seen only one store trot out the new sign, the store that’s been there “forever” at the intersection of Washington & College Avenues in downtown Upper Alton. But it’s not a full-on commitment, as there’s still the old signs on the building.

Is this test marketing, an “if it plays in Peoria it’ll play anywhere” kind of thing? Which doesn’t completely make sense because the national corporation has obviously committed to this new look, so if the folks in Pie Town were to stage an aesthetic revolt, does this mean they’d can the new logo? Riiiight.

Has anyone seen the new logo on building signage anywhere in the Metro St. Louis area? Or beyond?

2 thoughts on “If it Plays in Peoria: New Jack in the Box Logo

  1. “New” JITB logo was tested starting Dec 1, 2008. Was rolled out to all stores in March of 09. Stores are responsible for changing signage on their own, so it looks like you have a slow store.

  2. Hi – cool post! I noticed these new signs in the Los Angeles area last summer. It happens we were working on a marketing campaign that was retro inspired and JITB’s signs was one example I used of the retro trend right now that’s super hot. Hey, if JITB pays to change their logo you know retro/modern is here to stay for a loooong time.

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