Inappropriate & Rotting

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NE corner of Colorado & Iron
Neighborhood near Carondelet Park in South St. Louis
Someone made real on their desire for a steroidal suburban house in a thoroughly urban neighborhood. The money must have dried up, and here sits the shell, forlorn and overly-geometric, an abandoned hoosier castle atop a mud hill.

Neighborhood kids don’t even trespass the plastic orange fence for illicit play. That’s how freaky this thing is within context of the neighborhood.

My first thought upon discovering this misguided dream: reflief that they didn’t get to finish this inappropriate monster.
My lingering thoughts: how do we get rid of it? Does the Neighborhood Stabilization office handle complaints for enforced demolition?

1 thought on “Inappropriate & Rotting

  1. They were making good progress at one time. Weird place though – a little bit of suburbia in the city. They’ve actually spent some serious money on what they’ve done to date.

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