The Northwest St. Louis County Bermuda Triangle Blues

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North Lindbergh @ Midland Blvd.
Maryland Heights, MO
It’s a sign made from vinyl, press-on lettering, and the letters are warping due to light and weather conditions. That’s faulty work, and the Sign Maker should be made to re-do it or return the money.

I drive one mile north up Lindbergh, and see another malfunctioning vinyl letter sign. Did these businesses have their signs done by the same shop? And they can’t get this problem resolved because the shop is out of business?

Not even 15 minutes later, 2 miles east of the 2nd sign, and here is the faultiest sign of all. This one is so shoddy that the letters appear to be melting…

I imagine a door-to-door Vinyl Letter Salesman convincing each business that keeping up with The Joneses was “all about virtually maintenance-free vinyl!” Or, to vinyl letters, this part of town is the Bermuda Triangle of unfortunate atmospheric conditions.
No matter the explanation, it is slightly creepy.

1 thought on “The Northwest St. Louis County Bermuda Triangle Blues

  1. Fascinating. I have seen such situations before and assumed that the lettering was intentionally peeled a little for stylistic reasons.

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