Saran Wrapped

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Michigan & Blow
South St. Louis, MO
That poor window… it reminds me of Roy Orbison.

Imagine the person who made the decision to smother it in shingles.
Imagine the hassle the roofers’ faced while doing so.
Imagine what it looks like from the inside.
What an odd, sad thing to do to that poor window…

3 thoughts on “Saran Wrapped

  1. Hahaha! Someone else has found that rather eccentric German fellows ‘Roy Orbison in cling film’ site. I am the author of the donated ‘Roy in Bavaria’ story he has included on his site under ‘Roy in cling film stories written by people who are not me’.

    The world is a strange place…

  2. I really enjoyed reading your little piece on this, even if it is sad. If it makes you feel any better, it looks a heck of a lot less bad than what the people across the street from us did to their roof, which was almost certainly once a nice slate mansard with a single, elegant dormer. Now it is an asymmetrical, sloppy mess of vinyl siding, with the dormer all but destroyed. At least if you are going to fuck up a nice roof by siding over it, do a neat, even job of it, rather than making a different crazy shape on the left than you made on right!

    Pointlessly siding over a nice, old roof or window is Chicagoesque in the worst way. So many Chicago buildings have fine, fine turrets, but it’s Chicago, so of course a lot of them have been nastyfied by being covered with ugly, inappropriate siding. Shingles and vinyl siding are two of the most popular choices. If you can ever get your hands on a copy of the wooonderful book Unexpected Chicagoland, look for Tim Samuelson’s little section on modified turrets.

  3. i am afraid to ask how you found the roy orbison/clingfilm bit. crazy!


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