South Broadway Details

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South Broadway & East and West Arlee
South St. Louis County
What intrigues up close pans out to…

…the type of remuddle that probably aggravates me the most: Cedar Shingle Fill-In.

This 1930 building is just south of the River Des Peres, along a curious stretch of street that always tricks me into believing I’m inside the city limits. But no, it’s actually part of the interesting migration history of our St. Louis Counties.

Across the street is a detail of Barb’s Rendevous. Their marquee signage is a giggle because maybe, at the time, they couldn’t afford both the apostrophe and the Z?

It’s worth a drive to see all of the groggy variety in this 1927 building. It’s always closed when I go by, so if any of you have actually been inside, tell me about it.

2 thoughts on “South Broadway Details

  1. Oh yeah, I’ve been in there. Red nogahide(sp?) galore. Southside toughs shooting pool with the Gap Band’s “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” in the background was my funniest memory of that place.

  2. It’s interior matches the quirky exterior. I have a friend who bartends there. Highly recommended on a S. Broadway bar tour along with Slo-Tom’s if it’s still there.

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