An Editorial Cartoon

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This cartoon appears in today’s print issue of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. I completely overlooked the gist of it because of the line of buildings depicted on the right side of the drawing.

The intersection shown is Olive and 7th Street. From the far right edge of the drawing and heading back into the distance there is:
1. Famous-Barr (now Macy’s) building
2. The Sullivan-Adler building at 705 Olive, with the original facade on its first 2 floors
3. The Chemical Building (soon to be… whatever useless name they’ve given it)
4. The Old Post Office

The buildings shown in the left side foreground are long gone, replaced by a parking garage.

I got all excited about the above, and then got around to the humorous, editorial point of it all. Which proves, conclusively, what a building geek I am.

I’m OK with that… I think.

4 thoughts on “An Editorial Cartoon

  1. Actually I believe the cartoonist saw a picture in one of the St. Louis Then and Now books sold at every bookstore in the area. I can remember a very similiar picture that appeared in that book, and I believe that same streetcar is in it. That being said, it is a very good depection of that photo

  2. Last one is the Century Building, actually. OPO is out of sight behind the Chemical.

    I make no attempts to deny my geekitude.

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