Haven Street House Still Chugging Back To Life

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Here’s where this house was at the start of March.

So, it’s coming right along, on its own schedule. The rear addition even has windows now, so Rapunzel can let down her hair.

This house has become my own private Bad News Bears, the original 1976 version. More accurately, it’s Coach Buttermaker. If Walter Matthau were a house… Analogies or no, it’s pretty damn inspiring.

4 thoughts on “Haven Street House Still Chugging Back To Life

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  2. I live a couple of blocks away from this house, and I have to say that, within the context of the neighborhood as it is now, it’s not really out of place. There are many 100+ year old wood frame homes in the area with vinyl siding and similar updates. It may not be the best choice from a preservation standpoint, but given the house’s recent history, I’m happy with it.

  3. Ah, but I never wrote a word about liking its looks. Only that it is progressing. This beleaguered building has been through so much that I can’t bear to get snide on it.

  4. I disagree with your assessment of the progress of this building. The exterior rehab of this building is a complete abomination. Window with the fake muttons and mullions look out of place as does the vinyl siding. Where is Cultural Resources when needed?

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