South Side Streamline

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South Grand @ St. Mary’s Dr.
South St. Louis, MO
Here’s a pristine art deco specimen that never gets mentioned when STL architecture junkies discuss the city’s surprisingly large deco offerings.

This building falls firmly in the art deco category of Streamline Moderne, with the entry and balcony elements playacting a steamliner. A business occupies the lower level, and 2 apartments are above (complete with in-building garage parking in the back).

As if the grouping of the public and private doors creating a base for the balcony wasn’t enough, we get the added details of a portal window, and curving stainless steel and glass block. All of this is set within your choice of either multi-colored brick or stone. That all of these elements were deftly juggled to create a cohesive whole is a minor miracle.

All details are capped with a glossy burgundy glaze, still as bright as the day it debuted, which is a testament to how precise the upkeep is on this building. That’s a sure sign of a proud owner, and I thank you for your efforts.

2 thoughts on “South Side Streamline

  1. I love the marriage the basic and common St. Louis four-square form to that swanky streamlined foyer.

  2. I love that building! I’ve had the pleasure of living nearby for about 11 years now. I grin everytime I pass by. Great photos and great description.

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