Southern Funeral Home For Sale

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S. Grand & Iron
South St. Louis, MO

The palatial hacienda-style funeral home with “that sign” is now for sale.

This building is absolutely gorgeous, in whole and for its details. The funeral home (read its history here) started in 1908, and they moved into this building in 1929, which was built for them, and is supposedly the first St. Louis structure made expressly for a funeral home.

I’ve always been fond of the mid-century rear addition, loving the juxtaposition between eras. Plus, how can you not love the reiteration of their logo in giant, 3-D (below)?

Take a look at the real estate listing. They’re asking only $375,000 for this massive building, which also includes 2 apartments. I ran into the family that were living in the place until recently, when they had to find a new place to live because the place is for sale. There was a language barrier preventing me from getting any details from them, because I wanted to ask the little boy just how was it living in a funeral parlor. Seems like something a kid would dig, right?

Take a close look at the photos on the property listing. There’s a beautiful chapel inside with a stage and seating for more than 200 people. It’s in a commercial district and has tons of parking.

This building is crying out to be a concert club. Think about it: music and food, the owner can live above the business. Because it’s by Carondelet Park, it’s easy to get to from Hwy 55.
So, do we yet have anyone inspired to do something with this fabulous place?

29 thoughts on “Southern Funeral Home For Sale

  1. Took a video of the inside several weeks ago. The funeral home and chapel is now demolished.

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  3. I’m interested in buying the house so it doesn’t get demolished

  4. i look at this building everyday. the thieves have stolen and broke any and all pieces of this building. the place now should be tore down it is a total devestating place. not a piece of value there anymore. so sad.

  5. Would like to know if this building is still for sale? Who would you contact?

  6. i went inside the building and everything is nearly intact like it was still running.. but everything is everywhere. real dump

  7. Indeed it is. And looking pretty ratty from sitting vacant for so long. It really needs someone to save it!

  8. This place is a run down dump that would need a million or more in renovations to bring it up to a respectable and acceptable standard for a funeral home. The pavement is gone, the stucco all need replacing as do doors, windows and who knows what else inside. The best and most expensive part is the metal sign.

  9. Bob! Are you joking? That building could never be duplicated with today’s trades. And it is still intact with structural integrity. I would love to open a cultural center there with piano bar, night club, Mexican, Asian, Latino, Bosnian, German, etc groups in the area! Meetings, dances, plays, worship services, 12 step meetings. ESL classes, a cybercafe. A little community gym to compete with the overpriced “City” gym run by the YMCA at extortionary prices, a smoothie bar? lol It could be wonderful. I sang at many funerals there in the 80s. There are great spaces inside there.

  10. I heard the building was sold to some company out of St. Charles. Can anyone confirm?

  11. If you look at the building it really is a dump. it is old, falling apart and in need of major repairs. The antique sign is worth more than the building. It is an old building with newer ad ons to it and it looks like a mish mash. Should be torn down.

  12. I was looking at other stuff around there, and found this Building at 911 Holy hills ave over 10,000 sq. Ft looks like an old FBI building or something for 399,000. any Idea what it use to be ? Thanks I would really love to own that funeral home, I wish I knew a way to look up more unusual listings like that . They have a site for england that list old churches , schools and wierd Prpertys . I couldn’t find anything in the US. John

  13. I spoke to the 11th Ward Alderman on 9/27. There is a contract pending on this property and has been for approx. 5 months. Last month, a neighbor noted that “someone” was marking the parking lot. The Alderman has not been contacted by either the real estate agent or potential purchaser. Alderman Villa stated that he has been contacted by numerous neighbors who have expressed their opinions and concerns about the rumored potential use of this site. I am aware that Cultural Resourses is aware of the situation and the potential of neighborhood concern.

    This situation does bare close watching. Of course, there is nothing that the neighborhood can do as this is a private real estate transaction, but I believe that neighborhood will voice their opinions when we can have input. Misuse of this property will have a negative on future development of other properties in this area.


  14. Is this funeral home still for sale?

    Thanks, in advance, for your quick response.

    Maria Bonetti

  15. I just called the Realtor about purchasing the the building. I thought it might also work as an events space. I was told that it is under contract and is being torn down to make way for a Dollar General store. This is such a shame. With all the vacant property around the area to loose this beautiful building is wrong.

  16. I’m actually seriously considering turning the place into a cage-free cat shelter, and need help to do so. $375K is extremely reasonable for the amount of space. Anyone want to help with our capital campaign? Please email me!!

  17. if i remember correctly, i looked at this place YEARS ago for an advertising agency client. it had huge issues with contamination, as all old funeral homes do…

  18. I drive by the place all the time and always thought it was such a cool building! I love your idea for turning it into a music venue!

  19. There’s a link to the real estate listing in the blog post. Contact them with that question – which is a good one!

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