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The above photo is borrowed from Eichler Homes of Southern California.

I got a wonderful note from Barry, who is part of a team that cultivates and sells houses designed by Joseph Eichler. Check them out here.

The proactive culture that has sprung up around Eichler is heartwarming, to say the least. Since trends start on the coasts and spread inward, is St. Louis just a few years away from cultivating and cherishing Harris Armstrong houses?

And since the shout out to enlightened realtors, it’s only proper to recommend my genius friend, Marla Griffin and her firm The BuyerSide.

Along with Mike Blake, Marla was the heart and soul of the Cicero’s Basement Bar. Today, she is a buyer’s agent, and is on her way to rethinking, re-conceptualizing and re-establishing real estate in a way that makes logical sense.

We need firms like BuyerSide and Eichler Homes to re-contextualize how we buy homes in general, and how to preserve and recycle modern architecture, specifically.

Harris Armstrong For Sale
Harris Armstrong, South Side

1 thought on “Eichler For Sale

  1. This simply makes good sense.

    In the world of commerce, haven’t we seen one example after another of how the old way of thinking just won’t cut it anymore?

    It stands to perfect reason that a new, enlightened, 21st-century-appropriate business model should come into its own. That Ms. Griffin should identify this new requirement and implement it creatively as well as practically is no surprise to me, though it may well turn out to be an education for those bound up in an outmoded way of conducting this particular vital business.

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