What Did It Look Like Before?

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Norton Place
Kirkwood, MO

The first story – with its handsome brick work and rounded corner – was built in 1940. The second story was added in 1985, neatly doubling the space of this modest home to almost 1,100 s.f.

What’s unusual about this vinyl siding topper is that it faithfully follows the curve of the building while matching its ground floor fenestration. Meaning, some real thought was put into this 2nd story addition, which is all too often not the case, especially when it comes to round corners.  Here’s an example of what not to do.

Wish that Way Back Machine was invented already so I could cycle back several decades and see what the original roof looked like. Considering the care that was taken with this remodel, wondering if it was much like the new one?

3 thoughts on “What Did It Look Like Before?

  1. Personally, I take the preservation view and believe this is a halfhearted attempted at a sympathetic addition to a historic home. However, the addition showcases several points highlighted in architectural history theory. The addition itself, doubling the size of the home, is a response to American’s view of needed space for comfortable living. The vinyl siding and windows exhibit changing building technology created to ease the burden of construction and annual maintenance.

    Its a cool example of cultural and technological changes shaping our views of living and style over the past sixty years. However, being a historic preservation rather than an architectural historian, I’m bound by HP law to say the addition takes away from the historic integrity of the home!

    I’ll stop nerdin’ out.

  2. honestly the only thing that bugs me is the diamond window and the unconsidered glaring difference in material. a glaring difference is OK, just do it on purpose.

  3. before? perhaps better? sort of like a architechtonic hagfish has attached itself, thrived and has gone all Young Frankenstein on it. but coulda been worse. My bet is the roof was the same (and maybe actually the same, just jacked up 8 feet)

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