Woodchopper’s Ball

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Fyler Ave., west of Hampton
South St. Louis, MO

Turning a tree stump into art is charming, as is. Decorate it for the holidays, and it’s off the charts.

Every time I see this, the Woody Herman Orchestra song “Woodchopper’s Ball” goes through my head. Released in 1939, it went on to sell a million copies. If it could be updated with a metal hip-hop arrangement, it would best fit THIS amazing sight….

The photos above and below were sent to me by loyal B.E.L.T. reader Larry Hoffman (thank you!). Homeowners in the Claverach Park subdivision in Clayton, MO cut down a dead oak tree. But rather than waste large chunks of dead tree waiting to be carted off, they had a chainsaw artist turn 25 feet  into this awe-inspiring giraffe! The e-mail says it took him one day to create this fabulous, unique sculpture.

Former Runaways’ singer Cherie Currie is now a chainsaw artist, which made me chuckle upon learning it. But after seeing our local turtle and giraffe, I realize she continues to remain cooler than we’ll ever be. As are these two homeowners!

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