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Like many of you, I am a subscriber of Atomic Ranch. It was especially cool to have the Spring 2012 issue land in my mailbox because it verified that I actually did something I’d always longed to – BE in an issue of Atomic Ranch.

The only way to be in an issue is to have an AR-worthy house (and I don’t have that – yet) or contribute a story or photos. I wrote a story and edited photos by Bruce Daye about Ladue Estates, the first mid-century modern subdivision in Missouri to land on the National Register of Historic Places.  It’s a first for me, and as was pointed out by a faithful AR reader, it also marks the first time any St. Louis home has been featured in the magazine.  So, St. Louis was late to the game, but then we overachieved with an entire subdivision. How’s that feel?

It feels great!

In 2003, a black & white photo of mine was printed in the letters section of dwell magazine, which had me bouncing around like Navin in The Jerk seeing his name in the phone book.  Shouldn’t be hard to imagine how majorily I’m dorking out to a feature article in Atomic Ranch.

Because I wrote about Ladue Estates in the past, I’ve had the great pleasure to become friends with the neighborhood trustees, and they are the ones who asked me to write the piece for Atomic Ranch. So big bear hugs with sloppy kisses to them for making this personal milestone moment possible. And I’m thrilled to be a small part of the legacy of this amazing atomic age subdivision.

I am also a board member of ModernSTL (as is one of the Ladue Estates trustees!) and we will have a Ladue Estates Open House and magazine signing event on Sunday, May 6, 2012. We’ll share all the details once we have them ironed out. But if this piece of news made a little part of you tingle, mark it on your calendar now.

8 thoughts on “Yours Truly in Atomic Ranch Magazine

  1. Congrats on acquiring an MCM ranch!
    I have never lived in a 1950s ranch in Crestview, so I cannot help you with the history.

    Internet searches and getting to know your neighbors so you can find some of the original/longest-term owners is a good start for learning the history.

  2. Hello.I moved in to a modern style built in the 50’s crestview area about a year ago. I believe that it is the huse that you used to live in. I have been trying to get history on this house and i was hoping that you could help

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  4. I grew up (0-9) in a Caputa-Unland built 1958 home on the Crestwood-Sunset Hills border. Traditional looking on the outside (except the huge picture window with 4 squares on either side-some of which still remain), but Cathedral ceilings in LR, DR, Kitchen, Custom formed Indirect Fluorescent lighting in Kitchen & between LR, DR, long hallway with long horizontal beaded glass between Hall & MBR bathrooms. Our GE built-in kitchen was pink & included a primitave, undependable slide/drawer dishwasher, & push-button wall console for cooktop. The walls were Turquoise semi-Gloss. Aqua Green fixtures in Hall bath & Lemon Yellow in MBR bath. Both had Gray 4″ tiles. The wooden floors were covered in LR, DR, Hall with gray 2-tone tweed carpet. We held many an event under our carport. We had permission to walk to Southminster Church via the neighbor’s yard across street. It would be fun to move back there.

  5. Great news — congratulations! Just ordered a copy of the magazine (didn’t know of it before, but it looks awesome!).

  6. Many Congrats!!!! I was very intrigued when I read the Ladue Estates piece in AR. If I am ever in St. Louis I will surely be walking those streets!!!!

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