Christmas Time

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St. Louis Hills
South St. Louis, MO
This house (above) is rather ornamentally robust all year long. The front yard is a maze of decorative touches, capped off with a giant, functioning clock! So, I looked forward to the holiday bizarre that would surely explode in their front yard for Christmas.

They did not disappoint. Well, except for one major flaw: Shouldn’t the lions be wearing Santa hats!?
Within one short block, all on the same street, the beloved inflatables were going down, like they were picked off by The Grinch overnight. Snowmen melting…
Drunken Santas toppling… Oh, the humanity!
Maplewood, MO
But the most sobering site of all was when Mary, Joseph & the Baby Jesus took a pin to 2 inflatables. At that moment, the true meaning of the holiday was finally understood.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Time

  1. Very entertaining, and truly bizarre.

    From sheer rehabber busy-ness, we missed seeing much in the way of lights this year.

    We did, however, go by 3rd Ward Alderman Bosley’s compound in Hyde Park, which had an attempt at a giant Christmas tree made of lights (the classic lines emanating from a single point on the house, spreading out to different points on the lawn to form a triangle). It was huge but only had four strands, and thus for its height looked rather sparse. Normally I would have given it a B-, but since he’s the Alderman and should try harder, it gets a C. At least use colorful lights next year, Alderman! You’ve publicly declared that if God wanted your car clean he’d make it rain, so take the time you save not washing your car and spend it on the lights! Eh? Eh?

    (pardon me, this flu is making me even sillier than usual…)

  2. toby,

    you’ve a keen eye for kitsch, the great american contribution to western civilization. fortunately, we don’t have to make the stuff anymore, we just import it from some other godless place to our godless place.

    i think the media have soaked our brains with christmas music, ornaments, food, novelties, and every other tie-in imaginable, that for many people, the baby jesus might as well be just another inflatable.

    well, have yourself a very merry christmas. don’t let all those nagging camera people (hum)bug you. have a toast, in baby jesus’ honor.

    check out one of my recent pics of a three-dimensional nativity scene:


  3. Surely the greatest challenge for this blog entry can be summed up with: “Where to start?…..where to stop?….”

    -Happy talk

  4. once again,with your keen eye you found the true meaning of Christmas,killing off the inflateable’ the odd thing is people inseting to put christ amd the infalitables together, people people puhlese, thats just tacky.

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