Happy New Year

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Bates Street
South St. Louis City, click MO
Amid all the excessive fluffery of Christmas decorations in my neighborhood, purchase this simple peace sign stood out. Made only of blue garland, remedy it only came alive when the early morning sun hit it, when it shined like a beacon of heart-felt desire. It spoke gracious volumes about America and peace, much more so than any gaudy, inappropriate displays of Santa and American flags as seen on many a lawn in the city and county.

Come night, all the lights and animatronics that now comprise holiday decorations drowned the peace sign out. But it became a special, secret moment on sunny mornings as I drove to work: Peace On Earth and Good Will Toward Man.

By the time I was able to capture a sunny morning photo of my favorite public Christmas decoration, the peace sign garland was haggard (above). It has lost its shape, and all too accurately conveys the state our country is in, as regards to peace. It’s a bit like a mood ring, in that sense.

Yet, it still hangs for a few more days, and gives me hope for the new year. May 2006 be better than 2005 for you, in both a public and personal manner.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Oh My God! I love you.
    My fasination with the Malls I grew up with is not normal and the architecture has left amazingly vivid impressions . Thank you for the beautiful memories.

    My Holiday is complete.

    David James

    p.s. Please cover Jamestown Mall in the event.

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