Happy Thanksgiving

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South St. Louis Front Yard
A Tom Turkey pulls a Diana Ross-like inflation to block out the Christmas decoration Supremes.

These blow-up yard ornaments are awfully high maintenance; they seem to deflate every other day right before sunrise thus requiring the owners to maintain a regular inflation schedule.

But I am happy to see Thanksgiving finally getting any ornament prop. I never understood why it was so overlooked as a decorating op. It’s all black and white pilgrims progress, with buckles and big hats; bright orange and indian red… All that bold earthtone and puritanical aesthetic simplicity must lack a certain dimestore glamour. A string of horn o’plenty lights sounds unappealing, automated musical lawn Indians might be politically incorrect.

So, even though these bulbous nylon Tom Turkeys are pretty fruit, I’m thankful they eeked out a few precious square feet of lawn before inflatable Santa Claus comes to town.

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  1. I love your take on things and the things which catch your eye!

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