Put On A Happy Face

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paint-jobN. Rock Hill Road
Webster Groves, MO

Painters going in for the second coat of a saturated, perriwinkle purple on a home beside the train tracks.  Yeah, the roof needs some attention – structure- and shingle-wise – and replacement windows are overdue. But that type of maintenance costs.

Paint is the cheapest form of instant gratification, and in this case, mood enhancement.  The owners are thinking “put on a happy face;” the neighbors may be thinking “send in the clowns.”  I think there ought to be clowns.

One thing I love about New Orleans’ neighborhoods is their warm and abundant embrace of vibrant house colors.  This purple addition to the yellow neighbor is a mini-recreation of that Big Easy feeling in the Webster Groves hills.
Thank you for doing this.

3 thoughts on “Put On A Happy Face

  1. Mr. Allen is 100% spot on with regards to the windows. Paint, some good glazing compound–I’m using a linseed oil/chalk product–some linseed oil applied to the naked wood to prepare it for another 100 yrs. Any homeowner could do this. It will take time, but will be worth it. I’ve learned that replacements aren’t all they are advertised. Certainly not vinyl, and probably not standard oak or pine replacements.

  2. I used to drive past this place every day on the way to work, until I changed my route. Just last week I drove past for the first time in a long time. I was surprised to see such a pop of color.

    It seems to work.

  3. I agree will all of this lovely post except:

    Those windows need to be stripped, repainted and weatherized — not replaced. Since they sit behind aluminum storms, they will survive 100 years without even being touched, and the storm/sash combo (if properly caulked) brings as much R value as a new double-glazed window.

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