Don’t Try This At Home

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Elaine, at Studio Staicoff in Portland, wrote:
“I especially liked the photo of the Royale bike rack. (though it’s begging for a graffiti addition…is there a pool to see how fast it’ll happen? See attached.)”

“With your permission, I would like to forward it to my friends at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance here in Portland. They’re a non-profit advocacy group that does good things for bicyclists in Oregon. I’m a member, and I’m volunteering on a project with them. I sit on a citizens advisory committee that is overseeing a major downtown mass transit improvement project. I’m representing the BTA and bicyclist interests on the project. So I get to say things like…”we need cool bike racks and here’s an example of one.”
Do you know who made the Royale rack?”

Does someone know exactly who crafted – and designed – the rack?

3 thoughts on “Don’t Try This At Home

  1. To Steve F. Smith, thank you for the info. It will get passed on.
    And I certainly know the address of your new place, for I lived in the upstairs apartment for over 4 years. Great place, good times…
    We all look forward to the unveiling of the wall sign, and wish you nothing but towering success.

  2. I had that fabricated by a good chum Dan Adelman. He works over at KDHX. My other chum Caroline Huth designed the lettering. We are going to have a new sign up on the side of the building that she designed. It will be very interesting. Be sure to come by and lock you bike up to this anytime. We are at 3132 South Kingshighway. We are still in transition. I really wanted to have a bike rack out front. I used to get hassled locking my bike up to railings and such and I wanted to make sure people could lock their bike proper.

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