Hardt Building Progress

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Chippewa & Brannon
South St. Louis, MO
Ecology of Absence first spotted it when it was an unsightly mole. Now it has grown into a blazing, cancerous growth.

Yes, the worst-case scenario came true: They are covering “it” with white vinyl siding.
Did anyone ever confirm if there was a building permit issued?
Or better yet, does anyone know how to conjure a small tornado to blow that thing away?

Here’s a brief nostalgic look back at the building before the building owners went bat shit crazy and blind.

7 thoughts on “Hardt Building Progress

  1. FYI, both Alderwoman Hanrahan and NSO Mike Flood are actively looking into this. It’s listed as a “maintenance shaft” for an elevator (which is permissible though ugly). Mike believes the roof-structure is something else so they’re looking into an inspection.

  2. I didn’t know you were allowed to build a trailer home on top of a 2 story building, whatever inspector let this one fly should be tarred-and-feathered! It has ruined the whole surrounding street-scape.

  3. Every time I drive by my car tends to want to swerve off the road.

  4. Wow. It looked better when it was covered with plywood.

    Maybe they could give it the flood wall grafitti treatment. If it’s going to be a sharp, painful contrast with the building below, it may as well be interesting.

    Or! Maybe they could trompe l’oeil paint it into something a bit more Deco. Maybe bring back the lost A.S. Aloe building!

    Or at very least, paint it with a brown corner piers and horizontal two-tone stripes to simulate the building below. Tacky, but not nearly as bad as how it is now.

  5. Thanks to the white vinyl finishing now the expansion seems more not contextual and meaningless with the building hosted it. It will be different if the architect succeed with the above issues.

  6. Sorry, that was EOA that did the earlier post. I just pulled the permit, it was applied for on April 10. EOA reported the construction on March 28th. There were also two stop work orders issued for constuction without permit, one dated March 28th and the other dated April 18th. No building inspections have yet been reported. It appears the construction is for the elevator/mechanical room with new use as offices. Yes, more than a little perplexing.

  7. Yeah, I just drove by this “thing” this morning and was reminded of your earlier post. What in the freakin’ hell are they thinking? Looks like your notion of a penthouse was a bit off. The bowing walls of this building always made me a little uneasy but this cancerous vinyl growth is just inexplicable! I mean seriously, does anyone know what it is?

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