Lowe’sville Update

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Loughborough & Grand Ave @ Hwy 55
A former city block directly across from Carondelet Park
Lowe’sville progress marches on, save for one hitch in the giddy-up.
All of the houses have been flattened except The Lone Holdout (above). I haven’t found any recent news on where their case stands in the courts, but with the destruction of their former neighborhood block, the story is winding to a close.

Here’s The Lone Holdouts former neighbors to the south (above).

And their former neighbors to the north (above), facing Carondelet Park. I wonder what the views are like out their windows, and how depressing that must be. What kind of varmints have been disturbed by the demolition, and are they invading their house?

With their block heading toward landfill status, what does The Lone Holdout expect at this point? I support their fight and the legal precedent they hope to set, I just worry about their day-to-day life and health in a demolition zone.

And yet another St. Louis City block is distilled into a neat pallet of bricks waiting to be sold to new home builders in Texas so a Tudor McMansion in Houston will have an air of old authenticity.

2 thoughts on “Lowe’sville Update

  1. The old bricks can cost more or less than new ones depending on suppliers. Most commercial suppliers chnage more for “antique” bricks but lots of smaller salvage companies sell ’em cheap.

  2. There seems to be no stopping the Lowesdozers and Walgreenswreckingball in StL these days.

    Hey, maybe you can settle an argument, though. Are the used bricks, recycled from these demolotions, more or less expensive than new?

    I feel powerless to stop the expansion of commercial zones, especially in the city, but if something good can come of it by recycling the bricks, that helps ease some of the pain, eh?


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