Mid-Century Modern For Sale in Old Town Florissant

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Rue St. Catherine at Jefferson St.
Old Town Florissant, MO

Old Town Florissant, established in 1786, is a small, charming patch of old-fashioned in North St. Louis County.  Everything is picturesquely quaint and refreshing, and a stroll down the streets makes one instantly crave hand-squeezed lemonade sipped on a porch swing.  So walking upon the sight shown above was pleasantly surprising.


It’s surprising, but not unprecedented to see a quintessential mid-century modern domicile in this neighborhood.  The several blocks that are authentically historic are ringed on all four sides by every hallmark of 1950-1960s suburban-boom architecture, and if not for Historic Florissant, Inc. forming in 1969, the whole area would most likely have been covered in ranch houses.

So how did this thoroughly modern place, built in 1955, wind up in the middle of the Currier & Ives print that is Old Town?


It’s Florissant Valley Fire House No. 1! According to the lieutenant who came out to chat, they move into their brand new firehouse on St. Ferdinand Street  in about two weeks, and this place goes up for sale.  He even said it would convert into a real nice home for someone… someone who’d really, really dig a lot of garage!  That, and 6,155 square feet.

From the street, it’s of an unassuming scale that’s respectful of its surroundings.  From the air, you get a startling idea of how large this 3-building complex really is, which just makes the ease with which it fits into the site even more artful.


The fireman gave a sales price for this building that was shockingly low, and reacted to my surprise with “Don’t quote me.  The realtor knows better.”  But just hearing a price that was in the realm of obtainable sets the imagination spinning… a perfect home/work space for someone who restores vintage cars, or an artist who needs a giant studio?  A highly flexible home/business space?  The possibilities are endless, the location is perfect, and the building is beautiful and in great shape.  Here’s hoping it finds another loving owner, soon.

8 thoughts on “Mid-Century Modern For Sale in Old Town Florissant

  1. Im looking at buying the property now and using the office section as a base for my nonprofit business/hobby and the garage to work on my sports cars. No commercial uses. Ii hope im welcome. I can move my Christmas Dolpin off Florissant Road then!

  2. Hi, anyone know any of the selling info on the Firehouse (#1)? Asking price, realtor, etc.?

    Thank you,

  3. Is this property listed for sale already? Does anyone know who’s listing it? Would love to know price and schedule a go-see of the property. Former St. Louisan living/working in NYC may be interested in Firehouse #1.

    Many thanks,

  4. residential or commericial but in my opinion a new smaller bunkers type bar/restaruant would be a great place for a young upcoming florissant residence and a place where firefighters would feel at home coming to eat and come together with former servers

  5. As a resident of the street on which this firehouse is located I can assure you we would love someone who could adapt this into a unique home. The land is currently zoned residential – turning it commercial would not be easy or in our case desired. However, please contact the Fire Department or the local Councilman Andrew Podleski
    http://florissantmo.com if you are interested. We would love a new neighbor! I will miss the comforting sounds of the fire trucks rolling up the street to someone’s aid 24/7. Our fire department guys are among the best.

  6. Toby

    This is a great story and a wonderful building. I hope it’s okay that I posted a link and an image from this posting to let more people know about it.

  7. I hope it does find an appropriate owner & not a misguided soul who demolishes it. You are right, it sets a persons imagination wheels a’ spinning!

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