Mid-Century Modern on The Hill

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Like a fly trapped in prehistoric amber, a house for sale in The Hill neighborhood of South St. Louis city is eerily preserved. You can buy the house and get the furnishings, or buy the furnishings and get a house. Either way, it’s a fascinating concept.

See the house here.

Learn the entire story here.

11 thoughts on “Mid-Century Modern on The Hill

  1. How about a cheesy real estate joke? If you ever think that no cares if you are alive or dead then just try missing a few house payments.

  2. Updated homes are a dime a dozen.. and the problem is, in a few years or so.. there out of date again – and the vicious cycle of keeping up with the latest and greatest is a never ending battle…remember, 8-track, cassette, VHS & BETA, DVD, now BlueRay??? Aside from health and safety issues updating (asbestos exposed or lead paint exposed) I would take this museum piece over any “modern” decor any day. Just let me park that ’62 Caddy in the garage and head downstairs to admire my Lionel Train set-up or play those vinyl albums on that Hi-Fi stereo built into that beautiful real wood cabinet. All modern day woes are forgotten when your at home with classic surroundings from the “good ol days”. Updated homes? Forget about it.

  3. Even without the real estate downturn, this house would not even come close to 200K, Hill or no Hill…just thought you should know that…the homes on the Hill like this one usually come on the market when original owners pass or move to retirement, so the homes are generally not updated…location or not, updated homes are worth more!

  4. I wonder if the upholstered furniture is clad in that wierdly textured fabric which my future wife (less than two weeks) calls Idestructo?

  5. I was a mid fifties basement dweller too (mom didn’t want the house getting messed up). Such a blast from the past, I’d love to own it, furniture and all.

  6. This is far-and-away the single most terrifying thing I have ever laid eyes on. This gives me so many Creeps on so many personal levels that I think they should treat it like “Carrie White’s” house and just bulldoze it:)
    Just think, before the real estate bubble burst, they’d be asking WELL over 200 grand for this, since it’s on The Hill.
    Steve Carosello

  7. I’ll take the furniture, please!
    Very cool. Thanks for posting it, Toby.

  8. Amy

    I’m the oldest of three sons and you know what boys are like. My parents were very strict and since we were boys and liked to play, we just stayed in the basement. It was also cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the upstairs. There were quite a number of families on the hill that lived this way. In fact, some of my relatives in Milan Italy were living like this. So, the upstairs was only used for holidays and for sleeping. Everything else was done in the basement.

    A very interesting childhood, to say the least.


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