South County Hidden Deco

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Crescent Drive near South Lindbergh
South St. Louis County, MO
Going through a bout of stereo replacement grief required multiple trips to the Circuit City on Lindbergh near Hwy 55. Horrible part of town to drive in, and it’s impossible to hang a left onto Lindbergh from their parking lot regardless of time of day.

I cut across the parking lot to the street running along the east side of this shopping center and saw the house pictured here. It was not only the setting sun spotlight that made it stick out, but also that it was a blonde brick deco ranch in an incongruous area.

The house dates from 1938, with other neighbors ranging from 1938 – 1942, which surprises me. It seems a tad too early for this kind of house in this part of town, but near South St. Louis County keeps showing me all kinds of hidden architectural treasures. And this is a good one, because its individual features suggest design chaos, but it all works together in an utterly charming way.

2 thoughts on “South County Hidden Deco

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  2. i used to work on crescent and have always checked out this house – interesting

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