St. Louis Identity

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Above is a photograph by Abelardo Morell. It is from his Camera Obscura collection.

I was clued into his dramatic and compelling work while reading the current issue of dwell on New Year’s Day. dwell is featuring his Camera Obscura work, reprinting his impressions of:
New York City
Venice, Italy
Jackson Hole, WY
Boston, MA
And St. Louis.
And with each city, he picks the most well-known, iconic architecture.
And in St. Louis, we no longer have one of our iconic structures; a structure that overtly referenced our other iconic structure.

Yes, this is pretty much the beating of a dead horse. But I was so struck by seeing this photo on New Years Day… and has me thinking about a New Year’s Resolution for St. Louis.

For 2007, I wish, hope & pray that those who directly change the landscape of our city will be smarter, more intuitive and more thoughtful about what they destroy and what they put in its place. And these 3 things that I ask of those with that kind of power starts within themselves and radiates out to the communities that they, too, are a part of.

Happy New Year!

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