The Fountain at The Vedder

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On Nottingham in St. Louis Hills stands The Vedder apartment building. To some, it’s known as The Eddie Vedder, but to anyone who sees it, it’s magnificent.

And it just got even better. Take a look!

For the first time since I’ve known the building, the fountain is on! And with lights!

There is a For Sale sign in the front yard, which may explain the improvements. And what a seriously smart move – who can resist the Vedder with a working fountain?

Backstory on The Vedder
Vedder history via Esley Hamilton

8 thoughts on “The Fountain at The Vedder

  1. This building was owned by my family at one time. Sold after my Aunt passed. I always go visit the place every year. Loved the winding staircase.

  2. What is the music in this? I’ve wondered about that song for years, never knowing the title. Oh, and cool building! Don’t get to see much like that in St. Charles.

  3. I loved living in one of the first floor units of this building in the mid-80s. Cool then, even cooler now.

  4. In the 70s and 80s there was a brown metal cap on the top portion of the fountain. As a grade-/high- schooler during those years I was hoping to see the fountain come to life one day. The building went through a renovation and in July of ’99? there was a Sunday open house (I still have the Post newspaper article somewhere). I went to it and was able to see the fountain up close. I also drove by it several times at night which was just as impressive with its changing color lights. That didn’t last more than a year or two. Now with the fountain back on for a second round during my lifetime I’ll definitely drive by. Thanks for the update, Toby.

  5. The missus and I should take a drive by this (or a bike ride) at night and check it out.

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