9 thoughts on “The House Always Wins

  1. This is so sad. There was such potential having an original MCM stucture in, what would have been, a perfect location for it to shine.

  2. Jim,

    It’s not downtown or anywhere close. It’s in the Central West End. No there is not an overwhelming need for more parking — certainly not from residents. The perceived need comes from those who send their kids to Rosati Kain from outside the neighborhood, which is fine, but does every kid need their own car these days? Just as much is made of the people who visit the New Cathedral. It’s a red herring, though. It’s about maintaining control of a primary piece of real estate, pure and simple — for what end I do not know.

  3. Why does downtown St. Louis need more parking?
    Is there suddenly more people that live down there that the parking is that awful that they need to make another parking lot? Methinks not.

  4. Soon this corner will look a lot like the corner of Page and Union. And many others.

    Perhaps we can unite the city once we realize we all share a common problem with loss of corner buildings!

  5. Based on the title, I thought the house (i.e. the Building) won. I was wrong. Sad.

  6. It makes me sick. It’s getting harder and harder to defend St. Louis from naysayers when surface parking lots replace high-rise buildings– in the city’s most urbane neighborhood, no less. How disappointing that our alderwoman didn’t lead, but instead gave in to status quo. It’s a very sad day for St. Louis, far beyond the loss of one building.

  7. Not if someone appeals? It costs time and money to take them to court but it can be successful (i.e. Virginia mansion).

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