Dellwood MCM: One Perfect Moment

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New Halls Ferry Road & 270
Dellwood, MO

I took this photo in the town of Dellwood in North St. Louis County in the early fall of 2003.  As a kid, I mentally referred to it as The Flying Building.  I chanced upon it right as they turned on the lights, which made it look even more so like it was launching into flight.

It was a quick moment, and I made mental note to come back and further explore this building with a camera. Upon returning for that purpose, it was clear the moment had passed. They had knocked down the original Buick sign and junked it up with a bunch more vinyl banners. But at least they haven’t torn down the building.

Yep, I probably just jinxed it.

8 thoughts on “Dellwood MCM: One Perfect Moment

  1. I was born in 1962 and lived in Dellwood for my entire childhood. The wonder years. I attended Good Shepard grade school and Rosary High School.
    I am looking to buy any old films or 8mm home movies of Dellwood back in the day. (1960s or 70’s)If you have any that you are interested in selling or discussing please call me at 314-604-3718

  2. I spent Junior High and High School in Hazelwood and lived off Parker and 67 (before they changed the road designation. I remember Ackerman up there on the hill and really liked the way the building seemed ready to run off that hill and fly. Pity. Saint Louis and Saint Louis County has some fine architecture.

  3. I worked at Ackerman Buick for 25 years up to May of 2009. He (Ackerman) sold the Buick franchise to Behlman in 2006, and then the Hyundai franchise to Muganast in 2007. Then he just trying selling used cars there. Ackerman bought a Mahindra franchise that was supposed to go into that location in 2009, but Mahindra bombed out and took Ackerman’s money and ran. I went by there the other day, now its all closed. Heartbreaking to see the old place like that.

  4. Yeah, I don’t think that’s been an actual new Buick dealership for a few years.

    re: what Keith said –
    I’ve always thought it was interesting (in a sad way) to think of the quick “rise and fall” of that area…..just from a Catholic parish perspective, some of those did not even last a full generation, it seems (e.g., St. Casimir in Hathaway, St. Christopher, etc.)

  5. Re: What Kyle said above. I got to see the rise of that area from the late 1950’s to the mid- 70’s. We lived in Dellwood, moving into a newly built tract home in 1957. I attended a parochial school at 11100 New Halls Ferry (Immanuel) that was newly built in 1957 (still there, btw). There was literally nothing across the street from that church/school then, with lots of farmland around. That area across from the school became the future home of the Target. The big shopping center across from Ackerman Buick was called Central City, named for Central Hardware. Very odd that the whole area’s rise and fall occurred in the space of 45 years, more or less.
    That was a great area to grow up in, esp. if you were a “free range kid”!

  6. in the early 70’s my dad bought a station wagon there right before a move to CA.

  7. I believe this is part of the Ackerman Buick dealership. Their radio ads used to say they were “The BIG one!!” and, back in the day in the 70s and 80s, it WAS a big one!! In a comment about another subject, I mentioned how New Halls Ferry Road at I-270 is almost totally abandoned from those days. Ackerman Buick is still there, I guess, but the Halls Ferry 14 Cine, the Chuck E. Cheese, the Target, the roller rink, the Mexican restaurant…all closed and boarded up. It’s kinda depressing now, but I can remember when that was the most energetic, happening intersection in North County. Maybe, someday, it will come back…I hope so…

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