Harris Armstrong Halloween

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True Story:
Today, I passed by two different Harris Armstrong houses and both were totally decked out for Halloween.

The one above is part of a Kirkwood cul-de-sac wherein every house is from the architectural office of Armstrong.  I got a peek inside this house when it was for sale, and you can take the tour here.


And this one is in South St. Louis City.  Loves the skeleton climbing down the ladder on the 2nd-story chimney.  If you’d like to see the inside of this home, take the tour here.  And have a Happy Harris Halloween!

3 thoughts on “Harris Armstrong Halloween

  1. Oh! Like the bottom one in particular (although I bet that stairway’s hell in winter).

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  3. Re: the Kirkwood Armstrong block. Is that the little sidestreet off of Woodlawn? If the wife and I ever lived in the ‘burbs, one of those houses would be IT. Love those buildings. Like a little slice of Cali modern right here on the midcoast.

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